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The Quick-N-Dirty Guide to Changes in FreeBSD

This page will have a different format than the other qnd pages. It's simply a place to collect odds and ends that change (and then sometimes change back) or problems that get fixed quickly and the like. Rather than constantly changing my FreeBSD page, I decided to put this page up and link to it. It will cover some things that don't always get covered in UPDATING, the Handbook, etc. Sometimes, it's the sort of thing that everyone seems to know but if it is documented, is not easily found or easily understood.

Date: 2005 July, FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT

After doing a fresh install, I found a few things had changed. At present, there is no longer that convenient boot screen where you can hit a number to select booting in single mode, safe mode, etc. You are back to how it was done in 4.x, hit the space bar (or another key of your choosing) when it says hit any key, get to a command prompt and type boot -s if you wish to boot in single user mode.

1.) Do you have

2.) Installing

For help with installing take a look at our QND guide to installing software. If your distribution isn't covered, then you may have to install from source. Fear not, we have a QND guide for installing from source as well.

3.) Configuring

4.) Testing


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